Friday, May 28, 2010

Our 1st ever poppyseed markets!

WOW, what a day it was on Sunday 16th May, 2010!

Our stall holders turned up at a little before 8am and started to get their stalls ready! We had racks, table cloths, stock everywhere, gazebos, lights and ofcourse our talented stall holders products!

We had customers in the foyer at approx 9:30am and we let them in from 9:45am, even though we were supposed to start at 10am!

It was a fabulous sunny day, and we had a lot of people turn up! Made our stall holders very happy to see these lovely and friendly local customers! The feedback was very positive and most were very excited that there was finally a Boutique market in the St George area which specialised from Babies to Adults.

Our Next market:
Sunday 11th July, 2010
10am - 3pm

St George PCYC
9 Ador Ave

Until next time...

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